The Registration Process for Guests

The IRP (International Rewards Program), incorporating our own Online Booking Portal called, was developed over 10 years. Programming took 13 months and testing 6 months. The aim of the project was to bring to businesses, clients and guests benefits, advantages and opportunities that had never been seen before. will soon have hundreds of thousands of hospitality establishments registered, as well as millions of businesses. The IRP concept is aimed at spreading wealth amongst the guests and IRP shoppers internationally. 

Most of the current online booking establishments ask the establishments for an administration or registration fee. The fee leaves the establishment and the total amount goes to the online booking company. In the company the % given by the establishment only 20% will go to the company. The other 80% goes back to 3 clients / guests in the system. This is how this humanitarian initiative created by spreads wealth across the nation and aims to lift, in the next 12 to 18 months, more than one billion people to a financially better life and with monthly residual incomes for life, or, for as long as people do shopping and stay in our hotels, guest houses and apartments. 

What is your reward, when you book through

1.  Do your booking using

2.  You will pay at the apartment

3.  At the apartment, before you even pay, the establishment staff members will register you, FOR FREE, into their “IRP Guest Team”. 

4.  Then you pay the normal price as you would have paid, BUT with that payment you are helping 3 other IRP guests/members.  One of these will be the establishment itself ….. SO

5.  For the first time in the history hotel, guest house and apartments receive rewards from their guests WITHOUT MAKING YOU PAY EVEN $1 more ….

6.  Then you have the choice to take your registration code and share that with family and friends and they join, FOR FREE, into your IRP Team. 

7.  From all their NORMAL EVERYDAY PURCHASES at millions of IRP registered businesses, you will see daily your rewards growing in your IRP wallet on your mobile phone. 

8.  At the end of the month your rewards from all the purchases of your Guest & Shopper teams are paid into the bank account you specified when you were registered.  

Important for you to know

The IRP and has no connection to a MLM, Ponzi Scheme or other types of schemes.

2.  Rewards are given to guests and clients by the hospitality industry establishments and NOT BY THE IRP or IRP. 

3.  Rewards are paid at the end of the month to our international Payroll company by the hospitality industry establishments. No rewards are paid to the company.

4.  The international Payroll company then consolidates all the guests and client’s rewards and pays it into the bank of crypto account specified at registration. 

In the total and IRP concept there are no losers. 

We look forward to having you on board. There will also be many radio and TV stations involved through which the concept and advantages to establishments and guests will be shown.

Kind regards

The Executive Leadership team.

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