The Registration Process for Hotels, Guest Houses and Apartments

Registering into the Online booking platform sets you up to become one of millions of establishments in the world who will enjoy the extra benefits of multiple WORLD FIRST’s. does not require any establishment to leave or cancel their registration with other online booking companies. All you need to enjoy the benefits we offer, is to register with us. Our platform was designed over a period of 10 years after which the development  and programming took us 13 months, followed by 6 months of intensive testing. 



What are some of the additional benefits has on offer?

  1. International exposure to expand your guest base
  2. Only 20% of the 15% you give to, goes to the company. The other 80% goes back into the IRP system and benefits 3 “guests” of which you can be one. So, in this way your 15% that you give is seen as a Reward and not as an admin or registration fee. now helps you to turn your REWARD into PROFITS.
  3. For the first time in the history, you will receive Rewards from your guests when they stay at your establishment.
  4. For the first time in the history, you will receive rewards when your guests go and support any other business or hospitality industry establishments registered with the IRP and
  5. There will be many TV and Radio stations also becoming part of the IRP concept internationally. There will thus be plenty extra exposure for the hospitality industry establishments registered with
  6. The IRP concept is an international humanitarian initiative aimed to uplift millions of people to a better life without it costing them anything to be part of the initiative.  A solid business concept now being praised by governments, ministers and ambassadors. So, you will, undoubtedly be seen as an establishment who cares.



Your registration into is free. Should you wish to be part of us, fill in the form below. We wish to personally make each applicant part of our international initiative. You will then be contacted and asked to complete the application form.

In this initiative the only ones who will have something to lose are those who will not register. We have done presentations to multiple groups of hotels, guest house and apartment owners and even before the end of the presentation they asked how quickly can we start.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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